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Notice by Sanya COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-04-04

Based on the pandemic situation in Sanya and in order to take control of the virus transmission and ensure public security, the Sanya COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters has decided to carry out nucleic acid tests in the city's downtown area. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I.District control. From 17:00 pm on April 2 to 24:00 pm on April 5, the downtown area (to the east of Maling, to the west of Yingbin Hutong and Zhuluoling Tunnel, and to the south of G98 Expressway) will go under controlled management. For all enterprises and institutions, public places, communities, villages and residences, the access will be allowed only with the proof of negative nucleic acid taken within 24 hours or a nucleic acid sampling record of the day (must have a negative record of last day). Complying with the principle of "no one should be ignored", the nucleic acid testing must be completed in accordance with the instructions.

II.Community control. All communities, villages, and residences will implement the checking. In principle, every community, village, and residence will keep only one or two entrances and exits open, with the security team at work 24 hours a day, and residents are not allowed to enter or leave unless necessary. And the tests should be done as quickly as possible. Residents can go out to buy daily necessities once every two days with their passes, and for those who order online, the goods will be delivered to households by staff or volunteers.

III.City administration. Except for the supply of water, power, fuel, gas, communications, transportation, sanitation, food and other public service related to the basic aspects of life, all the organizations should work in shifts or work from home. Staff members of any organization going for tests will not be treated as absent. Civil servants working for the government and employees of institutions and State-owned enterprises should engage in volunteer services.

IV.Commercial activities regulations. Except for supermarkets, farmers' markets, pharmacies and catering enterprises (only providing express delivery services) that ensure the daily needs of the public, all other types of business establishments are suspended. Hotels and hostels will need to provide services by the virus prevention and control regulations.

V.Traffic control. Except for the G98 Expressway, all the downtown roads are under control temporarily, and other vehicles are restricted except for those with valid permits issued by the epidemic prevention and control command authority. Public security traffic control check points will be set at the interchanges of the G98 Expressway and other gateways in and out of the central part of Sanya, and all the vehicles entering and leaving the area will be checked. All the public transports, including buses, trams and tourism ships and yachts, are suspended.

VI.Public events. All the people in the city should not organize or participate in any forms of gathering. Wedding banquets and others alike should be suspended or prohibited. Funeral ceremonies should be simplified and reported in advance to the village or community authority for record. The Qingming Festival on-site grave-cleaning activities are suspended, the organization of public sacrifice, collective sacrifice and all kinds of ancestral graves, ancestral temples, ancestral shrines and other gatherings of commemorative activities are prohibited. Online commemorative services will be launched.

VII.Medical care. A green channel will be opened for the emergency needs, especially for pregnant women and some special patients for hemodialysis and radiotherapy. In urgent situations, people can seek help from the community or call 12345 citizens' hotline immediately, and the city will do its best to provide services.

VIII.Supply security. The authorities will work hard to ensure the supply of materials of all kinds and meet the essential needs of the public in daily life. In return, please try to make sure your purchase and consumption rational whereby help us to maintain the society organized.

The above administrative measures will be implemented from 17:00 pm on April 2 to 24:00 pm on April 5.

The current epidemic situation is serious and complex, and we cannot relax the prevention and control. Please do not leave the city unless necessary but enhance your awareness of prevention, observe the pandemic prevention regulations and comply with the management - wear a mask, maintain social distance, pay attention to personal hygiene, get vaccinated as the "first responsible person" for your health. Those who violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations will be held liable by the law.

Thank you kindly for your understanding and support. Let us weather the storm together and overcome the difficulties hand in hand to guard our beautiful home!

Sanya COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

April 2, 2022

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